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Each year Dell EMC is faced with the task of re-inventing itself, with the hope to shine in a new light at the annual Las Vegas educational conference & expo. During the annual tech convention, their Tech Connect Booth is renowned for showcasing a Pop Culture vibe. To ensure the flagship expo booth would draw a crowd and leave guests with a memorable and lasting experience, Dell Technologies World enlisted Champagne Studios EXP.


The entire exposition experience was contracted by Dell Technologies World to our 3rd party client. It was designed to encourage expo visitors to stop by the Tech Connect booth and watch an educational 15-minute video. A Jurassic World-themed environment was created, complete with iconic over-sized park gates, a 40-foot wide volcano, and the key to attracting attendees attention – live dinosaurs!


14k+     Total Attendees
5K+     Media Impressions
26k+    Social Impressions
24%     Increase in Social Impressions from past year
5%       Increase in Passport Program participants
TOP 5 Most visited booth on the expo floor


Integrated Brand Strategy: Experiential


B2B Experiential Execution


Art Direction + Design Strategy + Technical Oversight

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